Horizontal Glass Washing Machine

Washjet™ is designed with high volume continuous trouble free production in mind using the very best component parts. Washjet is designed so it can also be integrated into a production line situation and controlled through an IPC system, whether it is a laminating line or tempering furnace, eliminating double handling and increasing productivity.

Key features

  • Pre wash system.
  • Motorized loading table.
  • Six adjustable, anti-cut, long life nylon brushes.
  • Three, removable, stainless steel hot water tanks with fi lters.
  • Stainless steel and aluminium components inside the system.
  • Energy effi cient drives, drying fans and control systems.
  • Drying fans mounted overhead.
  • Motorized unloading table
  • Variable speed from 1 to 3.5M/min (138” min).
  • PLC control system.

Sizes details

  • Speed: 1M~3.5M/min (40”-138” min)
  • Max glass width (Metric): 1.2M / 1.8M / 2.2M
  • Max glass width (Imperial): 47” / 70” / 86”




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